Luke Dandrea

My passion for problem solving led me to the cannabis industry roughly four years ago. Why? Simply put, the industry was muddled with manipulation. I decided to fix the industry by being heavily exposed and going narrow and wide. I became exposed by creating the #1 searched for Marijuana Clone website in California. I fixed the problems of professionalism and illegitimate product by holding my vendors accountable with a rating a review system. Within the first year, I hired 60 growers and completed $733,000 in sales. I realized I needed to hire and to fire. I let go 55 growers, because they didn’t comply with my brand. Five were a blessing, so I built out a more robust lead generation system around them and hired a professional team of businessmen controlling operations and sales… Then, the farm bill passed…(Insert: Clone Connect) The farm bill allowed for hemp (both cbd and industrial) to be grown in the United States. We took the business model of THC plants in California and seamlessly transferred it to CBD Hemp seed and plants in the United States. Our business model: Using internet presence to get in with selected vendors, work ourselves into the asking price, to fix the many problems of the industry. Our value: ranking in the top three for both the initial product (seed and plant) but also for the end product (biomass, flower)… this has helped us control supply and demand on both ends and in an industry where a bottleneck is happening, this is vital.